[Samba] Please share your mail setup with me if you are running samba4

mourik jan heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Fri Feb 21 05:29:33 MST 2014

> Do we just use a linux IMAP server instead? In our company we use
> POP accounts on our email clients and would like to use IMAP to help
> users who travel to pickup mail. This was the main reason why we
> wanter to use SOGO and OPENCHANGE.
We are running SOGo now, with (currently still) samba3/openldap, but
we'll soon migrate to samba4 with it's native ldap. In our testing 
environment, this is working very well.

We're running dovecot imap server, very 'standard', and lot's of 
knowledge to be found everywhere, including kind and helpful support on 
the mailinglist.

> Can we connect the IMAP users to Samba4 or do we need to create a
> linux user for IMAP? Just thinking here if the users change their
We are running samba4 with posix attributes, however I guess you don't 
need  those for imap/dovecot.


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