[Samba] Please share your mail setup with me if you are running samba4

Damien Dye damien.dye at sondrel.com
Fri Feb 21 05:36:34 MST 2014

dovecot would be setup as virtual mailing hosting using LDAP
there are a few howtos out on the net.
Samba4's LDAP can be treated like any other LDAP server in this regard.
your main gocha would be that the mail system should run a local samba DC
as LDAP queries would produce quite a large number of ldap traffic with a
large user/ traffic base


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On 21 February 2014 12:29, mourik jan heupink <heupink at merit.unu.edu> wrote:

>  Do we just use a linux IMAP server instead? In our company we use
>> POP accounts on our email clients and would like to use IMAP to help
>> users who travel to pickup mail. This was the main reason why we
>> wanter to use SOGO and OPENCHANGE.
> We are running SOGo now, with (currently still) samba3/openldap, but
> we'll soon migrate to samba4 with it's native ldap. In our testing
> environment, this is working very well.
> We're running dovecot imap server, very 'standard', and lot's of knowledge
> to be found everywhere, including kind and helpful support on the
> mailinglist.
>  Can we connect the IMAP users to Samba4 or do we need to create a
>> linux user for IMAP? Just thinking here if the users change their
> We are running samba4 with posix attributes, however I guess you don't
> need  those for imap/dovecot.
> Regards,
> MJ
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