[Samba] Copy private to another samba instance

Michał Półrolniczak michal.polrolniczak at warp.org.pl
Thu Feb 13 23:17:17 MST 2014


when I switched from internal to bind9.9 had few problems with ddns,
then after some tuning it worked ok, after reboot it was looking like
only few DC clients could update they dns record other had denide at
log. Now the bind9 exit with:

 db.c:463: ENSURE(*versionp == ((void *)0)) failed, back trace
#0 0x4250d6 in assertion_failed()+0x46
#1 0x5b04ca in isc_assertion_failed()+0xa
#2 0x47b686 in dns_db_closeversion()+0x76
#3 0x44db50 in update_action()+0x3ca0
#4 0x5d0e22 in isc__taskmgr_dispatch()+0x242
#5 0x5d3f3f in evloop()+0x9f
#6 0x5d448f in isc__app_ctxrun()+0x7f
#7 0x416057 in main()+0xd87
#8 0x7fc282b3e76d in _fini()+0x7fc282558ed5
#9 0x416345 in _start()+0x29
exiting (due to assertion failure)

It throw this when there are few people in domain active, when there is
few computers bind works. I didn't change anything named.conf related,
and the rights are same.
Before that the main problem with ddns was that using ms dns console i
saw that every dns row is static and not dynamic, thats why the ddns
didnt work. Removing it with ldbdel tool workd but I wanted quicker way
- so I select them in DNS console, removed them and  from that moment i
think the DNS broke up.

So I would be happy to know if theres a safe way to transfer
users/computers/gpo to clean samba4 installation without draging the dns.

Oh btw, now when I switched back to inernal all dns rows are adding as
static and not dynamic - samba4 4.1.4 Is that a bug?

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