[Samba] Change Operating System Version Number

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Sat Feb 8 13:08:59 MST 2014

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Am 08.02.2014 19:53, schrieb Robert Sweetnam:
> I was wondering if it is possible to change the advertised
 > operating system version that Samba 4 reports?
> For example if you browse to the Samba 4 AD account using
 > the WIndows AD Users and Computer utility and right click on
> the Samba 4 server, under the Operating System Tab the Name
 > will appear as Samba and the version will appear as the current
 > Samba Version. As I built from source this is appearing as 4.1.4.

Do you mean the operationSystem and operationSystemVersion attribute of 
the domain controllers machine account?

This is always set to "Samba" and the version you run at 
provisioning/classicupgrade time:

# ldbsearch -H ldap://DC1 -U administrator "cn=DC1"
Password for [SAMDOM\administrator]
# record 1
operatingSystem: Samba
operatingSystemVersion: 4.0.5

You can change this with
# ldbedit -H ldap://localhost -Uadministrator -b "CN=DC1,OU=Domain 

As the version always shows the one you used at provisioning time and 
never changes, I _guess_, that it's save to change it. But without any 
warranty. :-)


That's fantastic Marc,

Thank you very much. It did the trick for me.

Best regards

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