[Samba] How To Delete DNS Domain

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Sat Feb 8 08:46:10 MST 2014


Am 07.02.2014 21:43, schrieb lp101:
>      Can someone provide the correct syntax to delete a domain from DNS
> using samba-tool? If I use windows DNS snapin and create a domain. I'm
> unable to delete it by right clicking and choosing delete. I receive the
> following error "The DNS domain cannot be deleted. This function is not
> supported on this system."


But on Windows it should work, too:
(at least it did when I wrote the HowTo).

Do you use the internal DNS or Bind_DLZ? And if Bind_DLZ, is it a Domain 
provided by AD or native through Bind?

What messages do you get in your Samba logs, when you receive the error?


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