[Samba] Standby secondary domain controller

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
Sun Feb 2 23:53:44 MST 2014

The fact is in a windows environment with samba4 ads the master dc is
populating, replicating in one direction to the other slave dcs not vice
versa (like Openldap master master replication can).
This should be a great feature making samba a step ahead of MS.

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Betreff: Re: [Samba] Standby secondary domain controller

Hello David,

Am 01.02.2014 18:47, schrieb David:
> I configured a main DC and secondary domain controller successfully. 
> The only problem is that I want the secondary DC to Stand By, so most 
> of the time it is shutdown.
> The problem is that when the secondary DC is shutdown on the primary 
> DC I receive continously the following error which is filling the
> logs:
> Feb  1 14:23:56 saturno samba[3217]: [2014/02/01 14:23:56.021591,  0]
> ../source4/librpc/rpc/dcerpc_sock.c:262(continue_socket_connect)
> Feb  1 14:23:56 saturno samba[3217]:   Failed to connect host
> on port 1024 - NT_STATUS_HOST_UNREACHABLE Feb  1 
> 14:23:56 saturno samba[3217]: [2014/02/01 14:23:56.021915,  0]
> ../source4/librpc/rpc/dcerpc_sock.c:425(continue_ip_open_socket)
> Feb  1 14:23:56 saturno samba[3217]:   Failed to connect host
> (23076d4e-30ec-410a-bd7b-7d2fea29d2e4._msdcs.ezplanet.org) on port
> Is there a method to allow the secondary DC to be shutdown without 
> getting continously the above error?

Maybe i misunderstand what your plans are. But what is the purpose of a DC,
that is shutdown most of the time?

DC replicate changes to other DCs in their domain/forest. If one is down, he
won't receive them. If users have changed their passwords, account data havs
changed, etc., the offline one did not get that changes. And Windows clients
change their machine account password every 30 days, what means that they
can't logon to your domain anymore, if the standby DC still has the old
machine account passwords in it's database.


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