[Samba] AD LDAP auth on NetApp filer

Robert Moulton rmoulton at uw.edu
Tue Dec 30 14:08:26 MST 2014

Is anyone using Samba AD for LDAP auth on a NetApp fileserver? If so, 
would you mind sharing your settings and/or describing how you set it 
up? I'm having trouble getting secondary group enumeration to work.

An example of 'wcc' output on the fileserver:

fs2> wcc -u rmoulton
(NT - UNIX) account name(s):  (ADTEST\rmoulton - rmoulton)
	UNIX uid = 1331
	user is a member of group staff (1050)

	NT membership
	User is also a member of Everyone, Network Users,
	Authenticated Users

(The expected output would include a bunch more UNIX and NT groups.)

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