[Samba] wbinfo behavior when run on PDC

Mike Morris mike at musicplace.com
Mon Dec 29 21:08:25 MST 2014


I expected identical behavior from wbinfo and related tools, regardless 
of whether run on the PDC or a member workstation, but that's not the 
case. I want to know if this is a possible problem or not. (Domain name 
is "musicplace".) Particularly:

 From the PDC:

  * "wbinfo --getdcname musicplace" fails, returning "Could not get dc
    name for musicplace"

from any member workstation:

  * "wbinfo --getdcname musicplace" succeeds, correctly returning

Note that "net rpc testjoin" and "wbinfo -t" both succeed on the PDC.

I'm wondering if this is cause for concern or not?



Also, just FYI:

This command always succeeds on workstations:

  * "nmblookup -M musicplace" succeeds, returning "

but initially and intermittently fails on the PDC itself.

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