[Samba] Mixed Samba4 and 3.6 uids/gids

William Ross william.ross at mercedes-benzsouthwest.co.uk
Mon Dec 22 10:13:19 MST 2014

I have an AD domain (Samba 4.1.13 domain controllers) and some Samba 3.6
I would like the uid/gid mappings to be consistent across the two sets of
The Samba4 DCs have the following line in smb.conf:

idmap_ldb:use rfc2307 = yes

and their uids/gids are in sync across all four of them.

The Samba 3.6 domain members currently have:

idmap config MBSW : backend = rid
idmap config MBSW : range = 10000001-20000000

in their smb.conf. As a result the uids/gids match between the Samba 3.6
domain members, but are completely different to the Samba4 DCs.

Is there a way to configure the 3.6 domain members to use the same uid/gid
mapping as the Samba4 DCs?

Many thanks,


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