[Samba] setfacl: Option -m: Invalid argument near character 3

Rich Webb rwebb at zylatech.com
Fri Dec 19 06:14:43 MST 2014


Are you running anything on your DC such as sssd or some form of
winbind?  I made the change you suggested and it's still not working. 

Also a point of interest:

getent group only returns unix groups and not domain groups.  

I'm thinking that I need sssd or similar type of service running maybe?


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Hi, if I create a dir on one of my DC's and then set an ACL on it:

root at dc01:~# mkdir testdir
root at dc01:~# setfacl -m d:g:'domain admins':rwx ./testdir root at dc01:~#
getfacl ./testdir # file: testdir # owner: root # group: root user::rwx
group::r-x other::r-x default:user::rwx default:group::r-x

So you can see it works, Don't know why others have suggested using
'-R', all it does is make setfacl recurse into directories.

I think your problem is this: '--use-ntvfs'

Try turning it off, see here, under the heading 'Starting s3fs': 


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