[Samba] Samba 4 problems

Brett Wynkoop wynkoop+samba at wynn.com
Fri Dec 19 00:33:15 MST 2014


Ok I went back and re-read the page on the AD DC HowTo, and now I
remember that it was the first way I tried to set up the server two
weeks ago. When I tried to start the server it failed to start, which is
why I went searching out an smb4.conf online.  

I can go through the setup from the start again, but I am still at a
loss as to how to match the UID numbers in the Samba AD to the
historical UID numbers that all the existing unix users have.  The
situation is that historically everything here was Unix of some sort,
but we are adding a small flock of windows boxes, which is why I am
looking at trying to bring Samba 4 on line.  

If someone can point me to a clear simple explanation on how to force
particular UIDs in Samba I would appreciate that.  I will tackle the
lack of encryption once I get the UID situation solved.

Here is a partial output of pdbedit -Lv for my account:

Unix username:        wynkoop
NT username:          
Account Flags:        [U          ]
User SID:             S-1-5-21-3503051414-2097048719-4239445089-1105
Primary Group SID:    S-1-5-21-3503051414-2097048719-4239445089-513
Full Name:            
Home Directory:       
HomeDir Drive:        (null)
Logon Script:         
Profile Path:         
Account desc:         
Munged dial:          
Logon time:           0
Logoff time:          0
Kickoff time:         never
Password last set:    Mon, 15 Dec 2014 15:17:39 EST
Password can change:  Mon, 15 Dec 2014 15:17:39 EST
Password must change: never
Last bad password   : 0
Bad password count  : 0

I am not sure what Rowland meant when he said give them a UIDnumber
containing the numbers I need.  I do not see any field marked as UID
above.  Do I need to extend the database with the addition of another

Thanks so much everyone.  It has been years since I needed to use
samba, so I am climbing the learning curve on this new version.



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