[Samba] Samba embedded device?

Peter Serbe peter at serbe.ch
Wed Dec 10 13:13:49 MST 2014

Robert Moskowitz schrieb am 10.12.2014 02:54:

> I AM running my mailserver ... on a Cubietruck and it seems to be 
> handling my mail load.

I run my AD on a Cubietruck. Installing Debian Testing and moving the 
root file system to the Sata disk was really a pain. But anyway: for 
my minimaistic arrangement, it works very good. Updates pretty often 
break the self compiled Bind 9.9, but a simple 'make install' typically 
fixes this. 

In the beginning, when the file system was still on the SD-card it was 
pretty sluggish. But since I got the SSD hooked up to it, it 
works very decent. 

I have a dedicated file server with a big raid, and I don't think 
the Cubie is crippling the performance of the file server. I can 
recommend the Cubie, but it is not nearly as easy to operate as a 
Raspberry Pi. But the Cubie is much more responsive than the Pi. 

> But going from 70-90w with the SFF to 2-3w for the arm system is VERY 
> attractive.

If You need a file server, presumably You want a big conventional HD, 
which will cost You in the order of 10W alone (on the line side, i.e. 
including the losses of the power supply). Then You might want a 
Gigabit switch ... So most of us will end up with much more than just 
2..5 W. But agreed, the Arm will bring the power drain down by a 
substantial amount. Personally I shut the file server down late at 
night - and wake it up from a SSH shell on the router or the Cubie. 
Not running everything 24/7 is the second approach to reduce the waste
of energy. 

Best regards

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