[Samba] Can windows clients get kerberos tickets from samba3 PDC?

Tiit Kaeeli kaeeli at quretec.com
Mon Dec 1 09:17:55 MST 2014

> Is it possible for windows clients to authenticate against kerberos and 
> receive tickets from a Samba3 PDC, when kerberos server is MIT kerberos 
> running on a Linux server, not a Windows AD server?
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Samba/Kerberos
> Suggests that this may be possible and I can succesfully authenticate with 
> smbclient -k. But windows users do not receive tickets on domain login. At 
> least kerbtray from Windows server 2003 resource kit tools do not show them 
> on windows7 client.
> I have not found a definitive statement that it is not possible, nor any more 
> detailed documentation on how this can be done.
> So can this be done or not?
> Where to find documentation?
> How to get more detailed logging and find out why it is not working?
> Can this be done with samba4 with external MIT kerberos?
> Thanks.

Any ideas?

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