[Samba] I want a Fedora 20 system to be a member server and offer a share in a Windows 2008R2 Active Directory domain

Greg Scott GregScott at infrasupport.com
Sun Aug 31 15:48:47 MDT 2014

I got it working a few hours ago.  Forget authconfig for now.  If anyone from Red Hat follows this list, authconfig on Fedora 20 seems broken - see the original email I posted on this topic yesterday.  

In my case, this was the key.  I did the edit by hand - it wasn't a big deal.  

[root at nfsa etc]# diff nsswitch.conf nsswitch.conf-20140830
< passwd:     files sss winbind
> passwd:     files sss
< group:      files sss winbind
> group:      files sss
[root at nfsa etc]#

- Greg

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