[Samba] SOLVED Re: Windows 7 Pro/64 unable to contact domain controller

Ryan Ashley ryana at reachtechfp.com
Wed Aug 27 06:21:43 MDT 2014

That is an issue. I wouldn't be surprised if other machines randomly 
have issues due to this. Then again, we have been running AD since 2003 
and my memory is foggy of NT-style setups, so it may keep going. Still, 
I would encourage upper-management to consider upgrading to AD, but 
that's just me. NT stuff hasn't been supported by MS for years.

On 08/27/2014 12:03 AM, Gary Dale wrote:
> Agreed. I've already done another change in the name resolve order 
> that seems to have obviated the need for the lmhosts file. Not sure 
> how that worked, but it is letting me login using domain accounts and 
> so far hasn't shown any other side effects.
> The other machines continue to operate normally, so I think the major 
> name resolve problems were limited to this one machine. The one minor 
> issue is that I can't ping the domain name from the other machines.

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