[Samba] replication issues solved by adding GUID names to /etc/hosts

mourik jan heupink - merit heupink at merit.unu.edu
Tue Aug 26 12:24:59 MDT 2014

Hi all,

We were having replication issues on wheezy with sernet-samba-4.1.11.

Searching the list I found the following post:

It says basically that if you are unable to *ping* the GUID names for 
your dc's, you might be experiencing a glibc error, where dns names with 
an underscore are not properly resolved.

Note: dns is basically correct, 'host' gives all the correct answers, 
samba_dnsupdate on all dc's says: no dns updates are needed.

The fix in the post, is to add GUID names to /etc/hosts which I did on 
my dc's, and then all of a sudden ping started working like it should. 
But ALSO replication! Our 'WERR_BADFILE' errors are gone now.

Now, is this not something that should be much more prominent in the docs?

Kind regards,
Mourik Jan

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