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L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Fri Aug 22 08:38:18 MDT 2014

and make use of advanded routing 
like : 

then every interface reacts only to its own subnet.

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>First at all here is a infraestructure brief description:
> |  SAMBA    |eth_a----------LAN_A
> |     PDC     |
>        eth_c
>           |
>           |
>           |
> |                  |
> | GATEWAY  |--------------LAN_C
> |                  |
>Now the issue:
>    When we run a ping test from "LAN_C", samba server 
>response from the
>correct interface throw the gateway (in this example case eth_c), and
>the same occurs when we try to access to the shared resources, and
>that's ok. But when we try join to domain, the samba server 
>response the
>broadcast DNS query from any other interface like eth_a with the ip
>source address corresponding to LAN_A, and if shutdown the interface
>eth_a from eth_b and so on.
>    Everything works ok if we try to join to domain from LAN_A 
>and LAN_B
>where the samba server are directly connected.
>Regards and thanks!
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