[Samba] Shares requiring "Everyone" access... [SOLVED]

L.P.H. van Belle belle at bazuin.nl
Tue Aug 19 07:26:27 MDT 2014


Just install XEN en setup 2 hosts. 
1 linux server with the supported linux servers.
and 1 windows xp/7/8.x pc for Xerox printing.

1 year to go in the lease of Xerox and then bye bye Xerox...

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>Onderwerp: Re: [Samba] Shares requiring "Everyone" access... [SOLVED]
>Louis is absolutely correct. Apparently Xerox only provides a 
>driver (it isn't bad like HP bloat, but still) and not a 
>normal one for 
>their equipment now. They also have the audacity to say that Samba is 
>not a "standard" setup but Mac OSX is! Due to this, they urge 
>people to 
>buy Windows Server! That is outrageous! I am personally going to go 
>install the driver and printer by hand, one at a time, on every system 
>at the client location today. I am also going to note this change and 
>urge my clients to not buy Xerox in the future due to their change in 
>support for Linux/Samba. Heck, even if they say Linux isn't 
>how about UNIX? Oh well, Samba is working correctly and Windows is 
>giving me the wrong error. Thank you to everybody who helped.
>Now my last question involves those permissions. I am still 
>not clear on 
>one thing. If I leave "Everyone" in the permissions list so the share 
>works, will a user in no groups at all be able to browse the share? 
>Also, can I safely remove the "CREATOR OWNER" and "CREATOR GROUP" 
>settings? If not, how do I ensure the owner and group of files for 
>directories and files are inherited and not set by the creator?
>On 08/19/2014 08:58 AM, Ryan Ashley wrote:
>> I am apt to believe this, but we had it working fine. Mind 
>you, I have 
>> the official PPD for the 7545 on the server and the server can print 
>> in full-color, two-sided all day long without an issue. When 
>> the driver to the printer via print management however, it gives an 
>> error about property pages. This happens whether I choose the RAW 
>> driver or the official driver on the Linux side. It does assign the 
>> driver however.
>> I may look at deploying the driver manually and running a script to 
>> configure the printer. If that's the case, I no longer need a 
>> print-server. The thing is, I have clients all over the place with 
>> Xerox printers and Linux servers that work fine. One client has a 
>> Xerox Fiery (massive production system) that works, as well as a 
>> Phaser and a black and white laser multi-function that both 
>work fine. 
>> Maybe it is just this one model.
>> Does anybody have any ideas as to how I can make this work 
>with Samba 
>> since I'd really prefer to use Samba? If I cannot use Samba as a 
>> print-server, so be it, but I really like it as such.
>> On 08/19/2014 02:42 AM, L.P.H. van Belle wrote:
>>> is due to the Xerox printer driver.
>>> I spent lots of time to make this work... and now it works..
>>> i used a Windows 7 pc as print server.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Louis
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