[Samba] samba_backup script

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at samba.org
Mon Aug 18 09:01:42 MDT 2014

Hello Henri,

Am 18.08.2014 16:44, schrieb henri transfert:
> I am trying to backup a samba DC with the samba_backup script as described
> in https://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Backup_and_Recovery (BTW there's a typo
> in a chapter title which should be samba_backup instead of backup_samba) .

Thanks. I fixed that.

> It works ok except that it backups also all files in the ./lib/private/ dir
> , which are all library files. I suspect that it is wrong , isn't it ?

The script is more a workaround than a final solution, yet. :-)

That it also copies ./lib/private/ results from here:

DIRS="private etc sysvol"
for d in $DIRS;do
      relativedirname=`find . -type d -name "$d" -prune`

The for-loop took all 'private' folders under $FROMWHERE. The important
one is ./private/. The other is just a side-effect. :-)

But ./lib/private/ isn't very large. So simply ignore, that it's in your
archive file in the end. You don't need it.


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