[Samba] Problem with roaming profiles (always synced but never read)

Bruno MACADRÉ bruno.macadre at univ-rouen.fr
Thu Aug 14 08:33:36 MDT 2014


I come to find new ideas about a problem which is blocking me since many 

I've an AD DC on Samba 4.1.11, and a file server (on Samba 4.1.11 too) 
member of the domain. They works fine (apparently).

I've a Win7 Enterprise x64 client, joined to the domain.

I've created a new user 'foo' to test openning session.

When I log for the first time, my user get a local profile, when I log 
out the profile is correctly saved on the fileserver (on 
/SAMDOM/Profiles/foo.V2 like configured in smb.conf and user infos).

When I log for the second time, my user get a new local profile which is 
sync'ed again on the fileserver.... I've repeated the login/logout 
process many many times.... same behaviour.... new local 
profile->sync'ed->new local profile->sync'ed.....

If anybody have an idea don't hesitate !



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