[Samba] User disappears, when enabling RC2307

Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Fri Aug 8 15:10:22 MDT 2014

>> I copied the idmap entries from another client, which perfectly maps
>> the users:
>> root at nfs4:/# id mgr
>> uid=1001(mgr) gid=10000(domain_users)
>> Gruppen=10000(domain_users),30001(BUILTIN\users)
>> Yes, the user has uid and uidNumber set properly.
> uid and uidNumber are different, uid is the users name, uidNumber is the
> users ID number, is this how you have them set ?

Understood. uid is identical to sAMAccountName, and uidNumber is 1001. 
As said, it works nice on a second client.

> OK, you have added the users with their original ID numbers to AD, but
> have you
> a) removed all the users from /etc/passwd

They never existed on the NAS. There is no uid 1001 on the NAS. There 
are however default users, which fall into the range, but do not clash 
with any number existing in the AD. I'm not yet sure how to deal with 
these default accounts.

> b) joined the NAS to the domain.

I did that on the DSM GUI and it reported success. But I don't know what 
it did under the hood. Is there any way to verify whether the join was 

  - lars.

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