[Samba] wbinfo -u/-g does not query AD DC

Lars Hanke debian at lhanke.de
Wed Aug 6 04:23:25 MDT 2014

I'm setting up a domain member (Debian Wheezy, Samba 3.6.6) to join an 
AD DC (Wheezy backports, Samba 4.1.9). Everything looks good so far, in 
particular the checklist 
up to number 7 is okay. I also removed nscd.

I can do "kinit user" and I can query the samba LDAP to see domain 
users. I did a "net ads join" and added the DNS for the machine 
manually, since this fails with the 3.6.6 join script.

However, doing wbinfo does not produce any network traffic, i.e. it does 
not query the AD DC. How it concludes that 'wbinfo -P' is successful, is 
yet another enigma. ;)

Any ideas?

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