[Samba] "Element not found" when connecting to sysvol

Alan Romans aromans at ashlandhc.org
Tue Sep 17 11:58:20 MDT 2013

I've found some more info...

*Broken Client*
dfsutil /pktinfo

0 entries...

*Working Client*
dfsutil /pktinfo

2 entries...
Entry: \ahc.pdc\netlogon
ShortEntry: \ahc.pdc\netlogon
Expires in 561 seconds
UseCount: 0 Type:0x1 ( DFS )
   0:[\RADIUS-STORAGE.ahc.pdc\netlogon] AccessStatus: 0xc00000cc (
   1:[\BDC.ahc.pdc\netlogon] AccessStatus: 0 ( ACTIVE )

Entry: \ahc.pdc\SysVol
ShortEntry: \ahc.pdc\SysVol
Expires in 189 seconds
UseCount: 14 Type:0x1 ( DFS )
   0:[\RADIUS-STORAGE.ahc.pdc\SysVol] AccessStatus: 0xc00000be ( TARGETSET )
   1:[\BDC.ahc.pdc\SysVol] AccessStatus: 0 ( ACTIVE )

On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 10:13 AM, Alan Romans <aromans at ashlandhc.org> wrote:

> I have two samba DCs (4.0.9) and no Windows DCs, and group policy is
> failing.  I've narrowed it down to an error accessing the sysvol folder.
> Some clients (not all clients) get the error "Element not found" when
> connecting to our sysvol folder which is "\\ahc.pdc\sysvol\".  The problem
> seems to be intermittent, a client may suddenly start working again, or
> suddenly stop.
> However, when connecting to it using the domain controller name
> "\\BDC.ahc.pdc\sysvol\" it works 100% of the time.  Unfortunately, this
> isn't where clients look for group policy.
> Some history with this domain that may/may not help...
> We had a DC die on us and we had to seize FSMO roles on BDC.ahc.pdc.  I
> had to manually edit some DNS entries to get this to work as well.
> I've also been trying to get SSO working with Openfire, so I've used
> setspn a number of times...

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