[Samba] "Element not found" when connecting to sysvol

Alan Romans aromans at ashlandhc.org
Tue Sep 17 09:13:59 MDT 2013

I have two samba DCs (4.0.9) and no Windows DCs, and group policy is
failing.  I've narrowed it down to an error accessing the sysvol folder.

Some clients (not all clients) get the error "Element not found" when
connecting to our sysvol folder which is "\\ahc.pdc\sysvol\".  The problem
seems to be intermittent, a client may suddenly start working again, or
suddenly stop.

However, when connecting to it using the domain controller name
"\\BDC.ahc.pdc\sysvol\" it works 100% of the time.  Unfortunately, this
isn't where clients look for group policy.

Some history with this domain that may/may not help...

We had a DC die on us and we had to seize FSMO roles on BDC.ahc.pdc.  I had
to manually edit some DNS entries to get this to work as well.

I've also been trying to get SSO working with Openfire, so I've used setspn
a number of times...

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