[Samba] Samba setup

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Sun Sep 1 04:33:51 MDT 2013

Am 25.08.2013 18:12, schrieb Keller Racing:
> Hi all.  I am a truly new to Samba so please bear with me while I ask a
 > few questions.  I am running a Pentium 366 Celeron, 128meg memory,
 > Red Hat Linux 7.2, Linux 2.4.7-10, Samba 2.2.1a.  I am running this
 > much older version as the best book I have on Linux is "Ren Hat
 > Linux 7.2 Bible" by Chris Negus.  It is the most complete book I
 > have so in order to have my experiments with Linux and Samba
 > match the pictures ;-)), I opted to use the older version.

I really think you should skip this book, get a version of Samba that 
isn't 12 years old, and have a look to the thousands of good internet 
pages descriping almost everything around Samba. I'm sure, you will 
learn more and have less problems. :-)

And of course you would get much more help with recent versions, because 
nobody remembers what were bugs or specific things in such an old version.

Pick a recent version, give it a try (maybe you would require something 
newer than that old pentium :-)) and if you are having problems, let us 
know what you plan to do and what went wrong, and we surely will find a 
way to get it work here on the list. :-)

> [root at 4445 root]# smbstatus
> Samba version 2.2.1a
> Service            uid        gid        pid        machine
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Failed to open byte range locking database
> ERROR: Failed to initialize locking database
> Can't initialize locking module - exiting

Assumed that this was the same 12 years ago: Run

# testparm -vs | grep "lock directory"

and have a look, where "lock directory" points too. Then check if this 
directory is existing. The permissions should be 755 and owner root:root.

You can try stopping Samba, remove the "locking.tdb" (make a copy 
before) and start Samba again. It will be recreated.


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