[Samba] [samba]wrong record for connetcting share

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Sun Sep 1 04:12:41 MDT 2013

Hello Ming,

Am 29.08.2013 10:08, schrieb ming:
>     I have some question about smbcontrol reload-config ,please explain it to me.Thanks!
>     Connecting samba share by windows,and modify the smb.conf(EX:modify the share record rw to ro).
>     After that,execute smbcontrol -d 10 all reload-config.
>     But it doesn't work on the samba connecting ,it's also the old record.
>    How to let the samba connecting become the new record except samba service restart or disconnect the link.
>    Wait for your write back...

I'm not sure, if this matters, but the smbcontrol manpage says:

smbcontrol [destination] [message-type] [parameter]

What happens if you

# smbcontroll all reload-config -d 10

or skip the "-d ..."?

What version of Samba is it?


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