[Samba] Override Linux homedir given by AD

Trent W. Buck trentbuck at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 17:39:31 MDT 2013

Simon <simon at calmblue.net> writes:

> I have successfully joined a Debian 7 box to a 2008 R2 Windows Domain
> using Samba and Winbind. The Linux uid is pulled from the uidNumber in
> Active Directory as is the shell and home dir. PAM is also configured
> to create a user's homedir on login.
> The trouble is that in AD the homedir is set to '/User' and I don't
> want that to be the case on the Debian boxes - I would like to set it
> as /home/domain/user.
> Can I override the homedir setting on a per-client basis using the
> smb.conf?

AIUI from other ML correspondents, there are two winbinds
implementations -- one for samba3 and one for samba4 -- and the latter
doesn't let you change $HOME at all, as at 4.0.x.

You probably want to look at sssd instead of winbind.

I'm using a samba 4.0.9 AD DC and nss_winbind, and I got
/home/DOMAIN/alice instead of /home/alice, so I just cheated by running
"ln -s . /home/DOMAIN".  I don't think that would work for you.

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