[Samba] samba + kerberos + active directory with multiple domains

Winkel, Richard J. winkelr at missouri.edu
Wed Oct 30 17:05:24 MDT 2013

Many thanks Dale!  Sorry I missed it earlier.  Now I have wbinfo -a 
working with "domain+user" for the primary as
well as the trusted domain, but I still can't "ssh domain+user at hostname" 
except for the user that joined the
machine to the domain (it even created the home dir for that user).  But 
for the others it says invalid user in the logs.
Sorry to be a pain, I'm sure the answer is obvious but the amount of 
documentation is overwhelming :<


On 10/29/13 1:24 PM, Dale Schroeder wrote:
> Richard,
> See if the example for multiple domains as shown on this page is what 
> you are looking for:
> http://www.samba.org/samba/docs/man/manpages/idmap_rid.8.html
> Dale

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