[Samba] Folder redir : pb after moving user to subtree

me at electronico.nc me at electronico.nc
Wed Oct 30 16:49:45 MDT 2013

Hi all,

Not sure if it's Samba or AD relative, but there are experts here :-)

So :
New Samba 4.1 AD DC compiled from git
New Domain provision

Created : ou=users
Setup GPO for user's Documents and Desktop redirection to samba [home] 
share, available offline, applied to ou=users
Created users test1 and test2 in ou=users
Loggued users test1 and test2 through Windows7
Everything works like a charm (only allowed user can see his Desktop and 
Documents, etc...)

Created : sub ou=administrative in ou=users
Moved user test2 to ou=administrative,ou=users
-> test2 can't access his Documents or Desktop anymore after login
Permissions on his home folder are still the same (seen from 
Administrator account)

Moved user test2 back to ou=users
-> test2 still can't his Documents or Desktop anymore

For sure if a new user test3 is created  (and not moved) in 
ou=administrative,ou=users : everything is normal.

I'm "a bit" confused with what happens.
Thanks in advance for your time and lights.

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