[Samba] User home directory UID:GID incorrect on VM Samba 4 AD client

Paul R. Ganci ganci at nurdog.com
Tue Oct 29 15:39:22 MDT 2013

On 10/24/2013 10:05 PM, Paul R. Ganci wrote:
> Hmmmm ... it appears I was mistaken about the cifs automount working. 
> Not sure what I did wrong. Unfortunately my real job is getting in the 
> way of my looking into the problem at the moment. For now I will just 
> live with the nfs mount and will go back to sorting this problem over 
> the weekend. I really want to set up the AD backend first then can 
> deal with cifs automount issue. I will be happy to do some speed 
> analysis then.
I successfully switched all my clients over to using the samba 4 AD 
back-end with sssd. Other than getting PAM to cooperate the changeover 
was pretty smooth actually. The only issue that I seem to have now is 
with the automount of the user home directory. If I use:

 > cat /etc/auto.home
# File: /etc/auto.home
# nfs automount
*    -acl nikita.myhome.nurdog.com:/home/&

Everything is fine. However if I use:

 > cat /etc/auto.home
# File: /etc/auto.home
# cifs automount
* -fstype=cifs,sec=krb5,multiuser,username=NAS$ 

the automount fails. I find this entry in the logs on nas

Oct 29 15:12:33 nas kernel: CIFS VFS: cifs_mount failed w/return code = -22

but nothing on the AD nikita. Not really a big deal as I am quite happy 
to use a nfs mount but on the other hand I can't find anything on the 
internet that seemed pertinent to my situation. I really hate it when I 
don't understand behavior. Does anyone have a suggestion?

Paul (ganci at nurdog.com)

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