[Samba] unknown authentification failure - Samba 4.0.1 pdc

bugblatterbeast samba at bugblatterbeast.de
Mon Oct 28 08:26:33 MDT 2013


     one of our clients can't connect to the pdc anymore. All attempts 
lead to an error-message about the wrong username or password. We've 
tried several user-accounts and it's always the same...

any username like "domainname\domainuser" with password always fails 
without delay. Either when trying to log on to the workstation, or when 
connecting to a samba share on the domain-controller (like 

Now, when we log in as a local user and try to connect to a samba share 
on the domain-controller using the WRONG username 
"computername\domainuser" with the NOT MATCHING password of the 
domainuser it works!!!!! We can not only connect to a samba share but 
also join or leave the domain. However it's still impossible to logon to 
the workstation that way...

We've also changed the ip-address and the netbios-name of the computer 
and deleted the computer's domain-account... several times without any 

The most disappointing thing is, that I can't find any log-entries on 
the domain controller. I've already activated machine-logs, but there's 
nothing helpful to be found in /var/log/samba.

Thanks in advance, bbb

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