[Samba] Migration from Windows to Samba4

Rob Janssen rob at ision.nl
Sat Oct 26 12:26:00 MDT 2013

I have made some progress in this matter...
I changed to DNS from Bind to Samba internal, having Bind listening on
and Samba forwarding the external queries to there.   Now at least the DNS is working
OK, i.e. the DNS updates are working and the forward and reverse entries are correctly
created for workstations.

As I could not demote the Windows 2003 DC cleanly, I forcefully demoted it and removed
its references from the AD.   That seems to have gone OK.  The Samba4 machine is
now standalone, and operates fine as far as I can test from the client machines.

However, the DNS has not been replicated completely correctly, that was probably also
the cause of my earlier difficulties.   When I do DNS queries for some of the more
exotic names, like "host -t srv _ldap._tcp.Sitename._sites.gc._msdcs.example.nl",
I still get two replies for the old and new DC.  However, when I examine the DNS
using either the Windows DNS management or the samba-tool dns query, the entry
for this name is not there.  In the other (less deep) trees in _msdcs things are OK.

When I look using Windows DNS management I see some funny things inside this
_msdcs hierarchy, e.g. the entry above is shown as a grey envelope instead of yellow.
And I also saw two yellow envelopes named DomainDnsZones and ForestDnsZones.
I think those would normally be at toplevel.

However, "samba-tool dbcheck" finds nothing wrong.

What can be done about this?
Is this some form of database corruption or is it merely some error during replication?
Is it safe to try to correct things using Windows DNS managament or samba-tool
commands, or do I risk corrupting the DB even further?


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