[Samba] Replacing SBS2003 DC with Samba4

Rob Janssen rob at ision.nl
Tue Oct 22 02:06:12 MDT 2013

(I hope this message ends up in the correct thread)


I am trying to do about the same thing.  My server is not SBS but normal Windows 2003R2 Server.
I did not see your message until today, and yesterday i started a thread about this.
The new Samba4 DC is working, although there are errors in the logs and in validation checks.
Frankly, I want to stop the Windows DC as soon as possible as I feel the replication may cause
additional issues that I do not have once I fully switched to Samba.

I could do the join and the transfer of fsmo roles (samba-tool fsmo seize --role=all).
But now that I try to demote the Windows DC, there are issues. Windows tells me there is
no other DC, this is caused by RPC errors.  I hope this can be resolved but I do not yet know how.

When all else fails, I could forcefully demote the Windows DC and then do a "metadata cleanup"
as it is known in the Windows world, the procedure to handle a DC that has failed and cannot be
started anymore but is still registered in the AD.
However, I am not sure that a metadata cleanup can be done using the Windows tools (ntdsutil),
so it would be good to have a HOWTO for doing it using samba tools.


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