[Samba] Samba Join as DC failed

dahopkins at comcast.net dahopkins at comcast.net
Mon Oct 21 04:49:33 MDT 2013

> The number of records indicated in the last email was based on these lines that were returned during the failed samba join. This is the last line of that sequence.
> Partition[DC=DomainDnsZones,DC=ncs,DC=k12,DC=de,DC=us] objects[94443/94443] linked_values[0/0]

>These are probably deleted DNS records.  Are you using the internal DNS
>server or bind9_dlz?  Either way, find out if this is still growing, we
>may have an issue we need to work on here. 

We are using the internal DNS server. We have two zones ( and After a period of time, DNS quits working one of the servers and at that point authentication (using nslcd/nscd from our linux systems, and we get RPC errors on our Windows domain members) using that server also seems to fail. How can we test if this is still growing? 

Dave Hopkins

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