[Samba] Samba Join as DC failed

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Oct 21 03:58:53 MDT 2013

On Fri, 2013-10-18 at 16:48 +0000, Donaldson Jeff wrote:
> Andrew,
> The number of records indicated in the last email was based on these lines that were returned during the failed samba join. This is the last line of that sequence.
> Partition[DC=DomainDnsZones,DC=ncs,DC=k12,DC=de,DC=us] objects[94443/94443] linked_values[0/0]

These are probably deleted DNS records.  Are you using the internal DNS
server or bind9_dlz?  Either way, find out if this is still growing, we
may have an issue we need to work on here. 

> I think we're probably closer to 2,200 objects, so I apologize for any confusion. I also ran the ldbsearch you requested. Here's the output...
> root at ncssamba1:~# ldbsearch --show-deleted -H /usr/local/samba/private/sam.ldb -s base -b 'CN=test_user,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=ncs,DC=k12,DC=de,DC=us'
> search error - No such Base DN: CN=test_user,CN=Deleted Objects,DC=ncs,DC=k12,DC=de,DC=us
> This account was producing errors in the log on this server. Since this was an old account no longer used, I used ADUC on a 2008 R2 server to delete the user account. I thought at the time this would eliminate the errors in the log. I believe it instead created an orphaned record and I'm not sure how to go about getting it removed cleanly.
> As Dave mentioned in previous email, we installed the 4.2 Alpha using git accidentally. Here's the output from samba -V, if it helps.
> root at ncssamba1:~# samba -V
> Version 4.2.0pre1-GIT-b505111
> We are now trying to get two servers running the 4.1.0 stable release up and running to eventually phase out the 4.2 servers. Here's the output from samba -V from server trying to join the domain unsuccessfully.
> root at ncsauth2:~# samba -V
> Version 4.1.0
> Please let me know if there is anything else you need to help us troubleshoot the problem. We are truly grateful for your support!

In terms of AD stuff, these two versions are pretty similar, but best to
use 4.1.0 rather than GIT in production. 

Andrew Bartlett

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