[Samba] Failover

Daniel Müller mueller at tropenklinik.de
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By the way! All your DCs should be able to run the!?? And all
your shares are mapped like this : \\\share!?
How do you manage the second Controller to take over when the Master DC is
down. It is important to have the DC slave dns working.
With the internal DNS or dlz_bind I did not succeed to manage this. Only
flat files could do the job for me. So the best thing to do
Is to map like \\your.domain\share. No failover Ip is needed.


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Hi guys,

I have a domain with Samba 4.0.5 domain controllers and also a failover DRBD
shared disk, where the "active" DC controlls the access to the disk.
DOMAINCHA - << this would be the failover IP, which works
perfectly on Windows XP clients.
I can see the shares, just like on DOMAINC01 or DOMAINC02 and if the users
has the proper credentials they can write open etc.
But when I try to do the same on a Windows 7 client I simply get an error
message " You dont have the proper rights to open the directory"
I guess because of the DOMAINCHA "virtual" controller is not in the AC, but
shall I add a computer to the AC so my win7 clients could open the available


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