[Samba] wbinfo -i domain_username issue

Alessio Tomelleri atomelleri at arpa.veneto.it
Wed Oct 9 02:18:57 MDT 2013

Thx Steve for your quick replay.

...and sorry for my late, but I was away in last two days, anyway here

For first, nscd is not running anywhere...

Secondly, I have to admit that perhaps (almost sure), I have
misunderstood something about samba4/winbind, and these two last day had
been useful to clarify to me...

Yes, that configuration implies what you wrote... actually AD relies to
a 2k3 servers that have not any uidNumber and/or gidNumber conf... I
think I have to relies to our old openldap or switch to config this
"member server"  as samba4 dc integrated in domain

Thx, Alessio Tomelleri

On 07/10/2013 18:36, steve wrote:
> On Mon, 2013-10-07 at 18:07 +0200, Alessio Tomelleri wrote:
>>    idmap config *:backend = tdb
>>    idmap config *:range = 70001-80000
>>    idmap config SHORTDOMAIN:backend = ad
>>    idmap config SHORTDOMAIN:schema_mode = rfc2307
>>    idmap config SHORTDOMAIN:range = 500-40000
>>    winbind nss info = rfc2307
> Hi
> This configuration suggests that your rfc2307 attributes are stored in
> AD. Are you sure your users and groups have uidNumber and/or gidNumber
> attributes set under their respective DN's? If not, then winbind has
> nothing to retrieve for the getent command. Oh, and kill any nscd for
> the moment.
> Steve

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