[Samba] Folder disappears on rename

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Sun Oct 6 15:39:37 MDT 2013

Am 06.10.2013 23:27, schrieb Charles Marcus:
> Fyi... this is a known problem (with both renames and newly created
> files/folders, and even deleted foles/folders) on Windows 7, even with a
> real Windows Server... never seen it on XP, but it happens all the time
> on Windows 7 here.

It's a SMB2 caching issue (that's why you don't have it on XP). Jones 
already posted a workaround/solution:

Am 06.10.2013 09:02, schrieb Jones:
 > Sometimes this symptom happened in my environment,
 > and found this link:
 > SMB2 Client Redirector Caches Explained
 > http://technet.microsoft.com/zh-tw/library/ff686200(v=ws.10).aspx
 > Here is one test case,
 > during Windows 7 and Samba are negotiated with >=  protocol SMB 2.0,
 > Windows 7 might cache the directory entries,
 > i.e. the directory entries are locally satisfied by Windows 7,
 > and there are no SMB2 packets across network while refreshing the
 > list thru powershell dir command,
 > hence Windows 7 with Wireshark captures no packets.
 > After following 3 DWORDs are applied to Windows 7 and reboot is
 > required, this symptom seems no longer exist in my environment.
 > Not sure is this a acceptable change but hope this help.
 > FileInfoCacheLifetime = 0
 > FileNotFoundCacheLifetime = 0
 > DirectoryCacheLifetime = 0

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