[Samba] Folder disappears on rename

Charles Marcus CMarcus at Media-Brokers.com
Sun Oct 6 15:27:10 MDT 2013

Fyi... this is a known problem (with both renames and newly created 
files/folders, and even deleted foles/folders) on Windows 7, even with a 
real Windows Server... never seen it on XP, but it happens all the time 
on Windows 7 here.

Just fyi...

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> Re: [Samba] Folder disappears on rename
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> Bernd Glueckert <bernd.glueckert at ot-soft.de>
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> 2013-10-05 12:12 AM
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>> this sounds a bit like something mysterious I had had today at work 
>> on my Samba 3.6.18 server:
>> - On the Linux server I downloaded a file to my home directory (was a 
>> simple *.txt file)
>> - On my Windows PC I could not see the file, but it was there on 
>> Linux side
>> - I renamed the file on linux and then it was visible with the new 
>> name on windows, too.
>> A different user had the following today:
>> - She created a file on the Samba share (same 3.6.18 server)
>> - But it wasn't visible from a different PC
>> - After about 3h it was suddenly visible without any changes.
>> The problem wasn't reproducable on both machines a second time.
> We have this problem too.
> Samba 3.6.18 on Gentoo, W7-64-Workstations.
> A scanner puts his output on the samba server, but it's not visible 
> for the W7-Clients. A couple of minutes later it's visible. Refreshing 
> Explorer by pressing F5 doesnt help.
> Same effect happens, if user A renames a file. User B sees the old 
> filename, and few minutes later it's okay.
> I think, this is reproducible. I will check this next week and give 
> you the information about it.


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