[Samba] some samba4 AD questions, after a week of playing around

mourik jan heupink heupink at merit.unu.edu
Sat Nov 30 09:46:53 MST 2013

Answering my own question here, perhaps it helps somebody else:

> 3. We would like to copy many more attributes than just the basic
> username/displayname/groups and logonscript. I was advised here of the
> list to build a script to connect to my ldap and update my sam
> accordingly with ldbmodify (thread: http://marc.info/?t=138419682600017)
> While I'm trying to do that now, I'm not a scripting guru, and it's not
> progressing very quickly. Therefore: anyone has some more tips/clues
> that could save me some time?

I have now taken another approach on this: After the classicupgrade, the 
domain is basically ready to roll, so you can also use native windows AD 
tools to update your samba4 users with details from samba3 openldap:

1. use lam to export your users to a .csv file
2. adjust columnnames etc to match what you want to copy to AD
3. use any tool to update the samba4 AD from a csv file
	(I used http://www.manageengine.com/products/ad-manager)

Much easier (to me, anyway) than updating with a script and ldbmodify.

Have a nice weekend,

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