[Samba] Bulk smbcacls calls

Peter Flood info at whywouldwe.com
Thu Nov 28 08:00:18 MST 2013

I want to get ACLs (output similar to that of smbcacls) for a *lot* of 
files (potentially millions). I can only process about 10 files per 
second when running the command (`smbcacls -U ...` via a Python 
wrapper), I'm looking for a faster way.

Does anyone know any libraries or other commands that could help me?

Failing that, I assume that much of the time taken is spent on 
authenticating the user/pw for each request. Would it be possible to 
write something that keeps the connection so that multiple requests can 
be made without reauthenticating (I'm not familiar with how 
LDAP/AD/Samba works)? I have looked at the source of smbcacls but 
nothing jumped out at me.

Many thanks

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