[Samba] Zabbix + samba4

Gian Henriques gian.ti at viareal.com.br
Wed Nov 27 09:24:33 MST 2013


Now I'm trying to run 'net status' with my zabbix user but it fails.

"Failed to initialize session_global: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED"

  All my samba4 directory (/usr/local/samba) have as owner the user and 
group 'root'. I try to change the owner user and group of all files to 
my user zabbix but it not work's. I need to give permission to my zabbix 
user in some files/directories?

Em 27-11-2013 08:34, Niels Dettenbach escreveu:
> Am Mittwoch, 27. November 2013, 08:25:41 schrieb Gian Henriques:
>>> I'd like to know if there are some way to gather statistics from
>>> samba4, like quantities of active users and other things that it can
>>> offer then use it in zabbix to generate some graphs and triggers.
>>> I can do somethings in smbstatus of samba3, but i couldn't find
>>> anything like this in samba4.
> Take a look at i.e. the
> 	net
> or
> 	net status
> command (should be on board with samba4 too i assume - not tried it so far).
>>> is there anybody here who could do it?
> Some years ago i've fiddeled with zabbix. I remember that i've worked mainly
> with nagios plugins within zabbix for functionality zabbix did not has "on
> board" byself.
> Take a look at nagios plugins like i.e.:
> 	check_smb_share
> 	check_smb
> zabbix allows easily to create own commands - i.e. if you want to get the
> active samba sessions you may use something like:
> 	net status sessions | wc -l	
> (gives the amount of active sessions as an integer)
> hth at least a little...
> best regards,
> Niels.


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