[Samba] samba permission denied after a kernel build

Paul Enright paul at enrights.net
Tue Nov 26 10:48:48 MST 2013

I have a ISO that I have remaster for some custom recovery procedures. I
tried using the same rootfs (initrd) that works with kernel 3.1.2 on older
hardware, but not newer. So I downloaded the 3.12.1 kernel tree to a Ubuntu
10 server. Builded the 3.12.1 kernel and tried it with the older rootfs.
Now the new hardware and old hardware will fire up the network, but when I
try and mount.cifs I get a permission denied error (-13) I started pxe
loading the kernel and root file system so I can switch between the
combinations easily. Of course I can not test old kernel on new hardware
since the old kernel does not have the needed network drivers. but on the
old hardware, if I load the 3.1.3 kernel and same rootfs the mount.cifs

Am I missing some option in the "make menuconfig"?
Any thoughts on fixing it?
Did my setup of the question make sense?


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