[Samba] Samba internal DNS strange behavior to ssh client lookup request

Thomas Harold thomas-lists at nybeta.com
Tue Nov 26 08:52:15 MST 2013

On 11/22/2013 10:13 AM, Werthmuller, Derek wrote:
> Answers to my own question.
> Understand why this behaves this way.  No its not a bug in samba
> internal DNS.  I believe its how the resolver libraries work in the
> ssh client (ssh client didn't check multiple nameserver resources).
> It also points out a bit how the Samba AD DNS setup works.

> 1) my incorrect assumption was that the DNS forwarder address, found
> in smb.conf, would be used for any address space the AD DNS was not
> authority for and if it didn't have an entry for a system within its
> authority space.   The last part about forwarding to another DNS
> server if the internal AD DNS doesn't have an entry for it doesn't
> work, and appears to be by design.

What leads you to say that "dns forwarder = <ip address>" does not work 
as expected where any DNS query for a domain that the internal DNS 
server can't answer is not forwarded on to another server?

Or are you trying to do a split domain where some records inside the 
domain are not visible to the outside world?

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