[Samba] How to keep samba4 dc work fine when windows dc offline?

Sense Zeng opaperjam at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 19:41:39 MST 2013

I have this problem too,

> When the Win2003 dc is offline the samba4 dc can't work.
> The users can't access or is very slow the authentication.
> I'm thinking that the principal problem is that the internal dns for
> samba4 dc is not working because since the beggining(before to switch off
> the win2003 domain controller and later to switch off the win2003 domain
> controller) when I try to connect to the internal dns using the windows
> administration tools it said something like:
> the dns server doesn't exist. Dou you want to add anyway?

I use the Bind backend in Samba4 DC. When I disconnect the Win2003 DC,
still can use windows administration tools connect and manager the DNS
service in Samba4 DC. But user's authentication turns into very slow too.

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