[Samba] Implementing Samba 4 in multi site environment

Denis Cardon denis.cardon at tranquil-it-systems.fr
Thu Nov 14 05:55:54 MST 2013

Hi Chandra,

> i need some suggestion about implementing samba 4 in multisite environment
> im still new in samba 4, i have finish install my first samba 4 DC in my
> centos 6 machine without any  problem.
> i have plan to implement samba 4 in distribute / multisite environment, i
> have one head quarter office and aroung 20 site office, in my head quarter
> office i have not more than 50 PC client and in every site office i have no
> more than 10 PC client to manage. every site office connected to head
> quarter office by openvpn connection in route mode so every site office has
> different network. let say head quarters office network is
> site office network are
>  until
> my plan is i will install dc in head quarter office and i will install
> additional dc in every  site office that will replicate the directory only
> with the head quater office dc.
> so my question are
> 1. is my plan possible to be implemented?

I have similar samba setups with banch office having samba4 server with 
replication running, and everything run smoothly. I only have 3-4 sites 
max on each setup thought. I don't know how you will fare with 20 DCs, 
and I guess in such a setup you might want to use RODC on branch offices.

> 2. how many bandwidth do i need in every site (head quarters office and
> each site office) to run my plan?

DC to DC replication bandwidth seems not to be a problem (I never had a 
nagios alert due to it). However you may have to be carefull it you want 
to deploy large file through GPO.

> 3. is anyone here ever implement the same scheme with my plan, pliz in need
> some advice to implement it ..

You probably will have to setup your Active Directory Sites and Service 
properly so each sites authenticate on the right DC to avoid unnecessary 
inter-site traffic, and be carefull with your ntp time.




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