[Samba] Sysvol replication and group policies

Ulrich Schneider man at ulrichschneider.de
Thu May 30 04:35:19 MDT 2013

As I read in the article listet at the and of this email there is no 
sysvol replication while joining a domain as a dc.

This means to me (if im right) that there are no group policies 
available on the samba dc.

Is this right?

On the other hand if I create a new domain n a samba dc and if I set up 
asamba as a new dc ... group policies are available.

Is this correct?


  A Note on SysVol replication

Currently the replication of the SysVol share isn't implemented. If you 
make any changes on that share, you have to keep the shares on all your 
DCs in sync manually (e. g. with an rsync cronjob).

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