[Samba] printserver for Centos 6.4

Marc Muehlfeld samba at marc-muehlfeld.de
Wed May 29 07:12:40 MDT 2013


Am 29.05.2013 12:24, schrieb samba at xyz.de:
>   I am new here. I am german. My system is a Centos 6.4 on a      2CoreCeleron. Its clones work on different Hardwares and processors.
>   Centos 6.4 is great and very stable. I use it as CMS  Webserver, FTP     Server, Kolab suite incl. mailserver, Fileserver,  Desktop, Skype all     at the same time and it is working fine.
>   Now i achieved to install a HP deskjet 1102 on Centos, following the      hints on the Internet. It lasted some days but it works with Cups      now and does really print without any problems including reboots.
>   I'd like to use it with samba as printserver for my homeoffice     additional and tried to configure it but it does not work.
>   I am not a linux Specialist. I do not understand everything and copy     from the internet.
>   But my serverconfiguration works good also in some very small     corporations.
>   I see that the directories in the different locations i found in the      example configurations in the internet are empty and the printer      does not appear
>   on a windows client.
>   I suppose it is a matter of the path's

Have you seen the Printserver HowTo on the Wiki?

I'm currently working on a larger re-write of this HowTo, to provide 
more information on all steps, configuraton examples, point'n'click 
driver installation etc. But I still need some time for that, because 
it's some work and testing. So if you are not in a hurry, have a look at 
the HowTo maybe end of next week. Then it will be much more detailed.


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