[Samba] printserver for Centos 6.4

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Wed May 29 04:24:51 MDT 2013

 I am new here. I am german. My system is a Centos 6.4 on a      2CoreCeleron. Its clones work on different Hardwares and processors.      
 Centos 6.4 is great and very stable. I use it as CMS  Webserver, FTP     Server, Kolab suite incl. mailserver, Fileserver,  Desktop, Skype all     at the same time and it is working fine.
 Now i achieved to install a HP deskjet 1102 on Centos, following the      hints on the Internet. It lasted some days but it works with Cups      now and does really print without any problems including reboots.
 I'd like to use it with samba as printserver for my homeoffice     additional and tried to configure it but it does not work.
 I am not a linux Specialist. I do not understand everything and copy     from the internet.
 But my serverconfiguration works good also in some very small     corporations.
 I see that the directories in the different locations i found in the      example configurations in the internet are empty and the printer      does not appear
 on a windows client.
 I suppose it is a matter of the path's
 my very simple smb.conf is (with fileserver)
 security = user
 workgroup = ALLE
 guest account = nobody
 encrypted passwords = Yes
 load printers = Yes 
 printing = cups 
 printcap name = cups 
 comment = Home Directories
 browseable = no
 read only = no
 = Yes 
 printer admin = root
 comment = Printer Drivers Share 
 path = /var/lib/samba/drivers 
 write list = gottfried karin
 printer admin = gottfried karin
 you can help me?

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