[Samba] Sysvol replication

Jim Potter jimpotter at orange.net
Wed May 29 01:30:31 MDT 2013


Sorry about late reply...

I've been baning my head againstr replication here for a while...

GlusterFS - it seems to have problems with the extended attributes 
specifically on the point where the gluster FS is mounted.

For example: I have a standard debian setup with sysvol in 
/var/lib/samba/ and mount a gluster sysvol partition here (with xattrs) 
I can set attributes within the partition fine, but I can't set the 
attributes on the sysvol folder itself, or they won't inherit properly...

I also came unstuck on uidnumbers across DCs (see previous email), but I 
was just getting an error from GPMC saying permissions were all wrong 

My next approach (not tested yet) is to get the mount point out of the 
share, eg:

- mount gluster FS in /srv/glusterMounts/sysvol and in here have a 
directory sysvol which I share as my sysvol share:

path = /srv/glusterMounts/sysvol/sysvol

How do you do it to get it to work?



On 15/04/2013 08:25, Daniel Müller wrote:
> For my interest!? What are your issues about gluster not working replicating
> sysvol?
> Greetings
> Daniel
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> Hi all,
> Has anyone actually got sysvol replication working between 2 (or more)
> Samba4 DCs? I've tried gluster, inosync, csync and rsync and keep getting
> stuck on issues with the extended attributes.
> Is there a roadmap or any clues of a date when MSFRS or DFS replication will
> be part of Samb4?
> thanks again,
> Jim
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